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Below is a selection of testimonials from Yvonne’s past clients. Names are removed where requested.

Testimonials about Yvonne’s Therapy

Art Therapy would be good for other teenagers because they can talk about their problems and find solutions … it teaches you some things about yourself that you’d never thought about …because you have someone that you could talk to about anything and they’ll listen and try to help you … it helps to talk to someone older who is more experienced and learn their mind … it helped to calm me down — Adolescent Offender, Art Therapy

I learned that I keep too much things inside and I should just express myself. And the role I play in my family and the feelings I have around my family. — Adolescent Offender, Art Therapy

This is a place where I have someone that I could talk to and they’ll listen and help me. It helps to talk about life and different situations, you can express your feelings on paper, plus you can talk.— Adolescent Offender, Art Therapy

Art Therapy taught me some things about myself, my family issues, and planning for the future…to express my feelings more. — Adolescent Offender, Art Therapy

Testimonials about Yvonne’s Workshops

There was one session where we were setting goals, looking to the future and dreaming. That’s something I’ve never done in my life. This course made me do that.

It brought me in tune with life around me, the whole aspect of it. — MJ, Administrative Assistant, Voyage of Discovery Workshop

This voyage of discovery isn’t necessarily about finding out about your artistic ability. It’s about self-discovery on an artistic level, a spiritual level and many different levels.

By about the fourth week, you realize something profound is happening. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s the most wonderful awakening. — VM, Accountant, Voyage of Discovery Workshop

I learned something that had been repressed for nearly 40 years and that my past affected my present profoundly. — VM, Accountant, Call of the Swan Workshop

It gave me the ability to focus on a past experience in a non threatening way. — NS, Call of the Swan Workshop

It helped me open up to areas in myself that I didn’t acknowledge before. — WP, Call of the Swan Workshop

I learned about self care; mindfulness; set time for yourself, permission to feel certain things, seeing my stress in a diagram, meditation techniques, interacting and listening techniques, taking a few minutes to de-stress can be very beneficial. — Stress in the Workplace Workshop

It was fantastic. I enjoyed the meditation part so much. Your voice Yvonne is very peaceful and calm. Thank you for coming … I thought your delivery style was great – conversational in tone, and you used mimicry to play other voices in your examples (good) … Yvonne was a pleasure … it gives you great tips on how to de-stress in a short time. Good for personal growth. — Stress in the Workplace Workshop

For the longest while
I couldn’t see that my life
Was being lived in a vacant room
That is my mind

I lived each day
As a ship crossing the water
Not leaving a trace for others to see
Of my passing

But you awoke
The hint of a ripple deep within
The heart of me crying out and
Gave it wings

And now I feel
The pulse of the world beating
Within the soul of my being and I
Live to create

The beauty that is my life — A poem written for Yvonne Rose by M.J. (11/05/98) at the end of her Voyage of Discovery

“I learnt a lot! [I learned to] be in the present; be aware of what impact you have on others; take time in the morning’ we all need to de-stress; that different ideas work for different people and the more we are exposed to those opportunities things we can find what speaks/works for us.— Anonymous, Stress in the Workplace Workshop

I learned “permission to feel certain things; seeing my stress in a diagram; how we can represent ourselves through art work” — Anonymous, Stress in the Workplace Workshop

I was surprised at how thought provoking the Spa Book was for me. [This workshop] gives you great tips on how to de-stress in a short time. Good for personal growth. — Anonymous, Stress in the Workplace Workshop

I learned about self care; mindfulness; [and to] set time for yourself. It was fantastic. — Anonymous, Stress in the Workplace Workshop

I learned to identify what it is I want in a relationship; recognise patterns and similarities; acknowledge what past events I bring into new relationships; and to recognize my strengths. Lots of fun and helpful in understanding what I want in a relationship and how to get it! — Anonymous, Dream Lover Workshop

Testimonials about Yvonne

Yvonne Rose has been working as an Art therapist for… In this capacity, she meets with 8-10 children, ages 7-12, one day a week. The children involved are wards of the Children’s Aid Society and have all experienced extremely difficult backgrounds. Yvonne works with the children as part of a comprehensive treatment program. She enables the children to express their feelings thru art mediums (play-doh, paint, paper mache, markers, etc.) and often uses the art creations as an entrance for discussion to assist the children in addressing their problems. Yvonne has established strong relationships with all the children, they ask for her and look forward to working with her.

Yvonne has submitted both verbal and written reports to team on the children’s progress; each and every report has coincided in all aspects with the treatment reports created from information received from the psychiatrist, child & youth workers and social workers. Yvonne exhibits an amazing ability to bond in a therapeutic manner with the children without crossing the ethics of professionalism. She always portrays a cheerful, pleasant manner with both children and adults. Yvonne presents as being extremely dedicated both to the clients and her profession; she has shown adaptability in changing days or locations and commitment by bringing issues to our attention while working to share information with all team members. I personally feel that

Yvonne is a credit to her profession and is able to perform valuable therapeutic treatment in an almost magical manner. At the end of each session, the children have no cognitive idea, how therapeutically beneficial, their art time with Yvonne has been. I commend Yvonne for her desire to further her studies and could not envision a more successful candidate.  — Bonnie E. Robson M.D., F.R.C.P.(C), Copy of a reference written by the Program Director for Fernie House in 2001, as part of my package to get into OISE to pursue M.Ed

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Yvonne is a Psychology Today Verified Therapist

Yvonne is a Psychology Today
Verified Therapist.


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