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Art Therapy

Art therapy is an established form of psychotherapy which facilitates self expression and self awareness through the use of art materials and the creative process.

The artwork becomes a visual expression of the person’s underlying driving forces, hopes, motivations, fears and blocks.

An Art Therapy Drawing

An Art Therapy Drawing

The drawn or painted images can reflect these forces back to the artist once they are on paper. These images can be explored within the safety of the therapeutic relationship which leads ultimately to self understanding, personal change and growth.

Art Therapy can help people of all ages:


Children who are having problems are often unable to verbalize adequately, or even understand the nature of their dilemma.

Through the combination of spontaneous creative play and the relationship with the skilled therapist, the children, in a mysterious way, connect to their potential and begin to flourish as an individual.

All this without having to feel they are “in therapy”.


Adolescents who may be experiencing confusion regarding their scholastic and/or career decisions; sexuality; and sense of self can use the art sessions to explore these issues safely.

The artwork can mirror the attitudes and personality traits back to the artists so they can see what is happening in their lives in a concrete sense, and learn to understand themsleves and their world better.

An Art Therapy Drawing

An Art Therapy Drawing


Adults find that their artwork reflects their feelings, moods and circumstances.

They are able to achieve greater self understanding while articulating conflicting thoughts and emotions and move into personal empowerment.

The Elderly

The Elderly can use the artwork to explore, grieve and reclaim opportunities (missed and taken).

It allows them the opportunity to reminise and make sense of their past, while appreciating the present.

Psychology Today

Yvonne is a Psychology Today Verified Therapist

Yvonne is a Psychology Today
Verified Therapist.


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