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Hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnosis allows your brain to relax as it enters a Beta level of functioning. As you focus on yourself in a deeply relaxed state you are able to put the critical, intellectual part of yourself to one side in order to let new and empowering ideas seep in.

In a sense, many of us have been hypnotised from childhood as we daily heard a mantra that informed us we were “not enough; we were less than; we were separate or different from others; we were not good enough; or we were just plain bad. Because the brain wave activity slows down through the hypnotic process, the practitioner/therapist is able to replace old negative, disempowering belief systems into alternative, empowering modes of thinking that can override the old thoughts. In the same way, hypnosis can help those who want to change unwanted habits, perform better, or feel better about themselves or their lives.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed by an information scientist, Richard Bandler and a linguistics professor, John Grinder in the 1970s.

It is the study of human excellence and what works for people who are the best in their fields. This understanding then allows others to experience their methods in order to make effective, permanent changes for themselves quickly.

NLP uses powerful technology to teach effective ways to make changes in how you view your life and what you say to yourself about your life. Once you have done this, you can make the necessary changes to your life.

Techniques are used to help you change your unconscious beliefs about how you view your world and what you say to yourself about your life. These changes to your mindset can be made quickly and permanently which then allows you to achieve powerful results.

Psychology Today

Yvonne is a Psychology Today Verified Therapist

Yvonne is a Psychology Today
Verified Therapist.


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