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Workshops that will bring you a burst of self-awareness, energy and profound joy

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Voyage of Discovery

If you’ve lost touch with your creativity you’re not alone. There are so many distractions and stressors these days, and each one does a great job of siphoning off our creative energy.

But when you become more self-aware you start to realize that your creativity never left you. Voyage of Discovery will help you to reclaim it so you can make your life more free and artistic—like it was meant to be!

The Voyage of Discovery stages are largely experiential and are 9 weeks in duration, with some degree of instruction each week. The course encourages self involvement amidst group participation.

When you embark on this voyage you will:

  • actively create the life you want
  • become artistically inspired with more ease
  • dramatically increase your creative expression
  • break free from the roadblocks that keep you from fully expressing yourself

Absolutely no artistic/drawing experience needed.

Below is a poem written by someone after taking the Voyage of Discovery Workshop.

For the longest while

I couldn’t see that my life

Was being lived in a vacant room

That is my mind

I lived each day

As a ship crossing the water

Not leaving a trace for others to see

Of my passing

But you awoke

The hint of a ripple deep within

The heart of me crying out and

Gave it wings

And now I feel

The pulse of the world beating

Within the soul of my being and I

Live to create

The beauty that is my life — A poem written for Yvonne Rose by M.J. (11/05/98) at the end of her Voyage of Discovery

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Dream Lover

How to Attract Your Dream Lover into Your Life

Imagine if you had the perfect lover in your life right now.

Truth is, there is someone out there for you, your soul-mate, who could fulfill your dreams and expectations.

But there’s just one problem: you haven’t met that person yet!

Well now you can let your Dream Lover find you.

This wonderful, uplifting and inspiring workshop helps you clarify and define the person your soul is longing for – and then invite your “Dream Lover” into your life.

And if you’re wondering if it works – trust me – that’s how I found my “Dream Lover” and we’ve spent the past 18 years together – happily!

During the course you will work with collage, written exercises, visualization, NLP techniques and Tarot cards.

Don’t leave it to chance, your dream lover exists, and now you can learn how to connect! Absolutely no artistic/drawing experience needed.

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Access the future you want!

So many people are feeling unsettled with the life they are leading – feeling like there’s something more, like they should be doing something else, but they just can’t put their finger on what that something is.

What about you?

Do you long for a life that is more satisfying?

DreamStar shows you how to identify – and activate – the future you really want, the one that will satisfy all your unfulfilled and unexpressed longings and desires.

During this course you will work with collage, journal writing and exercises, visualization, NLP techniques and Tarot cards.

Don’t settle for second best.

DreamStar will show you the possibilities you have only dreamed of!

The investment is just $85.00 including materials. Bring a friend and save $20 on your second ticket!

Absolutely no artistic / drawing experience needed.

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Never give up, there are always solutions.

This is an experiential workshop that focuses on solutions and designed to assist couples wishing to enhance their relationship.

In this dynamic workshop you’ll spend some quality time focusing on how to achieve the absolute best in your relationship so it can reach its full potential.

You are important, and so is your partner, and this team environment can creatively solve many of life’s problems—things that maybe you thought were beyond a solution.

There will be new ideas popping up that will generate fresh strategies to solve problems – in a creative, fun, and interesting way.

Each of you has a point of view, it just needs to be expressed and understood by yourself, and the other.

You can start to rekindle your love by playing, talking, brainstorming, and sharing in your image making.

Guidance from a solution focused art therapist can help bring clarity and generate a sense of shared responsibility to a relationship.

Yearly assessments are important in a relationship in order to catch tiny problems before they grow into monster ones.

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Call of The Swan

Have you heard the call of greatness yet were unable to claim it?

Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to use what you know you have?

Come to CALL OF THE SWAN, a one-day workshop where you will explore your life and the people who have shaped your attitudes towards yourself. The workshop will help you to clear some of your past beliefs that have held you back.

Using the metaphors found in Hans Christian Andersen’s wonderful tale The Ugly Duckling, you will change your thought forms through the use of your own story, healing work, and forgiveness techniques, as you propel yourself into your true potential, and your innate greatness.

The ugly duckling had the swan in him since birth, but it was everything and everyone else that knocked it out of him!

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Moving Through The Emotional Pain of Abortion. A time for closing a door to the Past, while opening one for the Future.

For whatever the reason, many women have had an abortion. No matter how many years ago, the memory remains deep within the cells of the body. For some of us, the pain of the memories lies just under the surface, ready to erupt at any given time. For others, the memories have been pushed deep into the psyche.

Chances are, if you have not had the ritual of closure and forgiveness, the pain of your loss is still with you.

Doing your individual work on this issue will help you deal with various issues such as: anger, sorrow, regret, guilt, and shame.

Through this work you will have the opportunity to heal yourself through forgiveness and by letting go. You will close the door to the past as you step through the door to your dynamic future and become more fully alive.

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Stress in the Workplace

In this three hour workshop participants will:

  • Visually see the extent of the emotional stresses that people bring to work which can be an extremely powerful understanding.
  • Understand how family dynamics and backgrounds can affect relationships at work.
  • Take responsibility for managing ones feelings, actions and reactions.
  • Create a personal Spa Booklet.
  • Learn various practical, self care methods and develop a wide range of coping skills.
  • Discover cognitive distortions and how faulty thinking can create unnecessary stress.
  • Experience various relaxations, meditations and exercises that can be done within the work situation.

Yes, it really is possible to reduce stress in the workplace in a way that is engaging, energizing and real-world in its approach. This workshop is the answer.

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Yvonne is a Psychology Today Verified Therapist

Yvonne is a Psychology Today
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