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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cogntive Behviour Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic method where the therapist and client work together to help bring immediate and lasting change. The more the client practices and uses the process, the faster things will change. Because CBT is based on the assumption that all feelings arise out of thoughts which, very simply put, means as you learn to recognize your thoughts, you will then have the power to change and reframe the thoughts, which will then changes one’s feelings. I love this therapy as it puts the emotions squarely on the shoulders of the client and thus the power for change.

CBT works beautifully alongside Mindfulness meditative practice (which is designed to help one become aware of one’s thoughts – after all, if we want to change our thoughts, we need first to become aware of them). It also works well with deep relaxation processes. This is because it is impossible to be angry for instance, if one is relaxed.

These three tools (CBT, Mindfullness and Deep Relaxation), when worked together with EFT are extremely powerful and can help people gain relief from anxiety, depression, obsessions and phobias in a very short period of time.

Psychology Today

Yvonne is a Psychology Today Verified Therapist

Yvonne is a Psychology Today
Verified Therapist.


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