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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a meridian energy therapy that simultaneously combines the stimulation of acupressure meridian points with the mental effects of focusing and desensitization of an issue. It is an extremely effective and fast way of eliminating debilitating emotions and feelings such as sadness, anger, frustration, fear, envy that can hold us back in life. It can be used to effectively remove psychological and somatic complaints, and is a powerful healing agent in relieving traumatic symptoms. I personally like to combine the Emotional Freedom Technique with statements that are used in the New Decision Therapy healing method.

I have used this process and seen it work on people of all ages, sexes, and on a variety of maladies. The list is huge, but the following is a short example of the people and issues it has helped:

A happy participant

A happy participant

  • male adolescent offenders who were extremely angry with other inmates or staff
  • a child of three who screamed whenever she had to have a bath
  • a man who had suffered from asthma all his life
  • a woman who was an addictive gambler
  • a young boy who was frustrated because he could not do his homework
  • a man who was scared to perform on stage publicly
  • awoman who felt trapped and resentful at work
  • and so many more.

I use this on myself constantly and have had remarkable results.

Psychology Today

Yvonne is a Psychology Today Verified Therapist

Yvonne is a Psychology Today
Verified Therapist.


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